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Find Your Soundtrack At Anthem

Home. Where everything just sounds right. From the sound of the last espresso drip during the morning quiet, to the feeling of the gentle breeze as the day winds down. These are the sounds of you finding where you need to be. Welcome to Anthem, The Metalworks’ fourth phase located in Downtown Guelph.



The Amenities at Anthem are Worth Singing About

 There can be a magic in the music of everyday life. The glorious laughter on the Sunrise Deck. The quickened tempo of your heart after spin class in the Fitness Club. The anticipatory hum of an evening in the Piano Lounge. Together, they form the soundtrack of your life at Anthem. There is so much to do in the co-work studio, the social club, the piano room and many more.

Discover the Sound of Downtown Guleph

Wander off the beaten path and discover your new favourite spot. The cheeky notes of a coffee shop play around the corner. The flood of acoustic covers rushes out each time the door swings open, welcoming those who enter. The steady cadence of friends greeting each other and waving goodbye fills the entrance. Your search for the perfect sound begins here. Can you hear it? 

The Suites of Anthem Play Tunes

The suites consists of 2 collections: Melodic and Encore. Occupying floors 1-10, The Melodic Collection boasts ceiling heights between 8’6” – 9’, 4 1/4” contemporary style baseboards & doors, and oversized ceramic tile & plush carpet. Step into your kitchen to find 36” Canadian-made upper cabinetry paired with quartz countertops and energy efficient stainless-steel appliances. Listen to the melody.

Occupying floors 11-14, The Encore Collection displays ceiling heights between 8’6” – 10’ with modern flat and Californiastyle ceilings. Throughout your suite, you will find 3-panel shaker style doors with 7 1/4” contemporary style baseboards and a harmonious mix of oversized ceramic tile, plush carpet and engineered hardwood. Looking into the kitchen you will see 42” Canadian-made upper cabinetry (floors 13 & 14), paired with quartz countertops and energy efficient stainless-steel kitchen appliances. Time for the encore.

The Metalworks Discovering Your Sound

 Today, there’s no need for headphones. You’re plugged into a feeling, and with every step, you shuffle through a new kind of playlist. It’s the quiet exchange between neighbours enjoying the sunrise, the rustling leaves as you walk along The River Walk, and the sound of the ice shaker crafting the perfect cocktail at the distillery. It’s the perfect mix. This is life at The Metalworks in beautiful Downtown Guelph.


About the Builder: Fusion

Fusion Homes understand that your new home is not just one of the largest purchases made in your lifetime. It becomes a defining part of you. That’s why Fusion Homes believes that home buyers deserve a home buying journey with guides who appreciate the magnitude of the occasion and deliver accordingly.



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